Final Project.

This was the final project for the class..
enviromental project..
a group assigment to find a solution to make designers make less damage to the enviroment..
we make posters with recycled materials to used them as a campaing

Look at the final presentation


This logo i made it for a class assigment, first the idea was to make it simple and ecological, i tought of the earth and then a typohgraphy that was very personal, that involve people in the process, the colors are the earth colors with a little alterations, to make it more vivid and friendly.

Getting Ready for a Job Interview.

This is a small quiz for you to learn what are the things you should or shouldn't do on a job interview.

  • What happens during a "job interview"?

  • Is a small talk about your backround, your education, capacities, experience and a little part where you can also ask your question about the company and the job.

  • What should I wear for my job interview?

  • Always very professional, for men tie and suit, and for women a skirt and blazer will do. Always acordding to the position you are going after, make sure your clothes are always clean and iron.

  • What are the key do's and don'ts for a great interview?

  • The first DO, is to make eye contact, add a smile and a great handshake. And the DON'T is to put your stuff in their space or speak before they ask you

  • How do I handle an interview in a restaurant or cafe?

  • Make sure you are aware on your dinner etiquette, speak at an audible level, and stay focus on the interviwer

  • What do I do when more than one person is interviewing me?

  • Is important to adapt your communication to both of them, because men and women make conversation differently

  • How can I rescue an interview that I know is going poorly?

  • Ask interviewer for direction, take your energy up, and ask for recommendations

  • What are good tips for a telephone interview?

  • Be very high energy and sell you using your voice.

  • Can a potential employer ask me to take a lie detector test?

  • The only time they can ask you if is the job is for the goverment or national security jobs.

  • What are illegal questions that an employer should not ask me?

  • Etniecity, family status, childs, anything that relates to personal status or information.

  • How do I handle the end of the interview?

  • The best way to shine at the end of an interview is to wait for them to ask you if you have questions and ask if you can have the job.

  • What do I do if an employer doesn't call me back after an interview?

  • Dont be shy to call them, and send a thank you letter to everyone that help you trought the process


    Personal Information
    Names: Pirela Piña, Andrea Sofia
    Address: 00 Street, Building xxxx
    Phone: 0000-0000000   /   0000-0000000
    Date of Birth: January 31, 1992
    Nationality: Venezuelan
    Civil Status: Single
    Professional Experience / Education
    2008 - High school graduate from "Colegio La Presentación" Bachelor in Science
    2012 - Bachelor in fine arts from "Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacín"
    Current - Advertising and public relations student from "La Universidad del Zulia"}


    I made a TOEFL quiz, an assigment from the teacher
    my score for the first quiz, wich was the reading test was 8/11
    the second was structure test and the score was 15/20
    and finally there was the vocabulary test and the score was 37/50
    it was very fun, but also very quick
    a good way to learn:)